Our Programs

Enjoy teaching, laughing, learning and loving your child, your teen.
Meet your child’s emotional needs, intellectual development and come up with strategies to prevent future misbehaviors.

  • Knowledge of Child Development
  • Responsiveness, Sensitivity, and Nurturing
  • Positive Interactions with Child
  • Emotional Communication
  • Parenting Styles
  • Parent-Child Communication Techniques
  • Responsibility & Discipline
  • Effective Nonviolent Behavior Management
  • Building Courage, Character, and Self Esteem
  • How to Deal with Issues of Drugs, Sexuality and Violence
  • Coping with Bullies
  • Problem Solving in Groups
  • How to Hold Family Meetings
  • Promoting Academic Skills
  • Taking Care of the Caregiver

Help Your Child to Be Successful

These qualities are important:

  1. SELF-ESTEEM – Praise accomplishments, catch your child being good and help your child accept and learn from failure.
  2. INDEPENDENCE – Allow your child to try and experience new things that are reasonable for him/her.
  3. SOCIAL SKILLS – These are the most important skills needed for life!  Be a good role model and show your child the following while you teach him/her:

    *good manners * how to listen

    * following directions * finishing a task

    * sharing * respecting property

    * respecting other’s needs, opinions and differences.

  4. RESPONSIBILITY – Give your child appropriate chores, expect school/home work to get done and decide on consequences if not done.
  5. SENSE OF HUMOR – Laughter is the best medicine!  Tell jokes, riddles and silly stories together.  Find humor in your actions and help your child find humor in his/hers.


Make time each day to talk during meals or while driving, dressing and bathing.

LISTEN to your child

Show mutual respect – It’s the best way to teach it!